12 in Network Campaign

Design by OOF + Historical Villages of Portugal   2018

Twelve ilustrations inspired by the ethnographic study of each village.

Aldeias Históricas de Portugal is an association that represents 12 ancient villages located in the Portuguese inland. It organizes programs for the promotion of tourism and heritage. In 2018 it produced an annual event, for the 12 villages, with a wide range of concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, gastronomy and other events.

To communicate the 12 events altogether, we developed a transversal identity supported by 12 individual illustrations inspired by the cultural program and the ethnographic study of each village. Visual communication reveals the daily activities of the villages, the products, the dialect, the traditions, the beliefs and the legends, among other characteristic aspects of the history, culture and memory of these places.

The 12 individual events, which took place between April and December 2018, were announced as a major annual event, encouraging the public to participate in several of them, traveling from village to village. On the other hand, the illustrations produced allowed to strengthen the individual identity of each village, reviving their memories and traditions.