Tribunal da Relação

Design by OOF + Tribunal da Relação de Guimarães   2021

In 2021, as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Court “Tribunal da Relação de Guimarães”, OOF Design was invited to develop the editorial design of the book about the history of the Court's creation and the building where it is located.

The editorial project was conceived as a voyage through time, in three moments. The first moment, which cuts across the entire work, is a photographic journey that begins outside the building and goes through all the rooms, from the entrance door to the exit door. The other two moments, “The Relationship” and “The House”, are the texts that tell the history of this space between 1607 and 2021.

The layout is a combination between classical elements and several contemporary choices, such as the asymmetrical grid or the page numbers in different positions. The production materials were selected and combined to accentuate these features, giving the book a sober and contemporary feel.