ACT Newspaper

Design by OOF + Catholic University of Portugal   2020

The “ACT Aprender com Todos” project, promoted by Universidade Católica, seeks to strengthen the social and intellectual skills of elementary school students from the Leonardo Coimbra Filho school grouping, Porto. At OOF Design we were challenged to develop the global identity of the research project and its website, as well as we were partners in the development of creative workshops for training students and teachers in the creation of the school newspaper.

Our creative process began by creating strategies for involving the school community in the project, especially the students. In the first workshops, we prepared a series of games about the different areas of work in a newspaper. In this way, the students were able to identify what their main vocation would be in the School Newspaper Club.

The newspaper's themes, layout, texts, photographs, and illustrations were built together with the students, in weekly workshops prepared by OOF Design with journalist Samuel Silva, and with the support of the research team from the Catholic University. The entire school newspaper project was participatory, including the choice of the newspaper's name, which happened through a collection of ideas and a vote by the entire school.