Projeto ACT

Design by OOF + Catholic University of Portugal   2020

The ACT Aprender com Todos project, promoted by the Catholic University of Porto, seeks to implement measures that promote equity in access to education for elementary school students from the Leonardo Coimbra Filho school grouping. Besides being challenged to develop the global identity of ACT, we were also responsible for the design and implementation of the website, as well as for conducting workshops at the school for the creation of the School Newspaper.

Since this is a research project, our proposal seeks to be fun and versatile in appearance, but serious and rigorous in form. The ACT logo works like a puzzle and can be customized with various techniques or expressions, also working in a three-dimensional way. The icons developed and the chromatic and typographic rules created contribute to the maintenance of visual coherence throughout the project.

The intuitive backoffice and the communication elements produced allow the research team to develop, autonomously, internal communication supports that adapt to the different research fields and creative activities, such as the theater group or the school orchestra. The visual elements of the identity were eventually adopted also by the school students themselves and by the creative and research projects, in different expressive proposals, from video to urban art.