Aqualastic Campaign

Design by OOF + Laboratório da Paisagem   2020

Laboratório da Paisagem de Guimarães is an organization that promotes sustainable development and the protection of natural resources. OOF Design was challenged, within the Aqualastic project, to develop a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of plastic on ecosystems.

To this end, we developed a campaign built through the metaphor in which our world is invaded by the garbage that, over the years, we have thrown into the oceans. Divided into three phases, the campaign relied on several printed and digital media, as well as 3 advertising videos, produced by OOF Design.

The initiative represented a coordinated effort to rethink how the impact of plastics is communicated. Without using an accusatory tone, the campaign with the slogan “What if the garbage that ends up in the sea came home?” tried to stimulate reflection on the consumption of plastics, with a special focus on single-use ones.