Atlantic Social Innovation Observatory

Design by OOF + University of Coimbra   2019

The Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra is associated with an international research project, with several actors from government and private sectors. Thanks to it, the Observatory for Social Innovation in the Atlantic Area – Atlantic Social Lab was born. This platform aims to contribute to the visibility of research around social innovation and works, also, as an information repository.

The platform is divided into four main themes, each associated with a color: Social Innovation Trends (red), Actors of Social Innovation (purple), The Observatory (yellow) and Useful Information (blue). To simplify the user experience, we have also associated the color green for the presentation of the generated graphics.

Aside from photographs, all content on the website is framed in a grid, creating a balance between white spaces and text boxes. The website also features intuitive iconography, graphs and interactive maps (where the user can edit their data) and a form that allows the automatic creation of diagrams in PDF format.