Braga Cultura 2030 Overview

Design by OOF + Braga City Council   2020

Braga is running, as a city, for the European Capital of Culture 2027. For this it is preparing a strategic program for culture in this decade, between 2020 and 2030.

OOF Design is responsible for the communication of this project and its actions, developing creative solutions that seek to convey a coordinated image of Culture in Braga.

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Vamos Falar? is the name given to the consultation program open to the population, promoting several activities that interacted with more than a hundred people.

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The pilot project Variações took place in the last quarter of the year, with an eclectic program inspired by the life and work of António Variações. The workshops, residencies, conversations, performances, shows and documentaries were communicated by OOF Design.

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The document of the Cultural Strategy of Braga 2020-2030 was designed and paginated by OOF Design, and is available for consultation and public discussion on the Braga Culture 2030 website.

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