Braga‘27 Visual Identity and Campaign

Design by OOF + Braga City Council   2020

Photographs Pedro Silva (TUB) e Lais Pereira (umbrellas)

OOF Design has been working on Braga's candidacy to become the European Capital of Culture since 2018. In 2020 we were challenged to develop the visual identity, communication and website of the candidacy, presented in a communication campaign of the brand Braga‘27.

The visual universe developed seeks to respond to the various needs of the project, from the promotion of artistic projects to the design of the candidacy documentation. For this, we created a diversified identity system, supported by the Braga‘27 and ‘27 logos, and supported by various combinations of fonts, colors and construction grids. This system allows for a unique identity for each moment of communication, without losing the DNA of the candidacy’s global image.

Braga was the first candidate city to present itself as ‘27 (instead of 2027). This abbreviation was so quickly absorbed by the population that, in most of the pieces produced, only the brand ‘27 is used. The multi-media campaign to present the brand reached about 300,000 people in the first hours of dissemination, only counting the digital media. The physical campaign, with 45 billboards in the city and 30 positions on the country’s main roads, lasted for several weeks.