Citânia Guide

Design by OOF + Sociedade Martins Sarmento   2020

The book Citânia and Castro de Sabroso is a guide for the visitor that has been published since 1930. This guide aims to complement the Citânia visit by having the text written for the general public.


O livro Citânia e Castro de Sabroso é um guia para o visitante que tem vindo a ser editado desde 1930. Esta publicação destina-se a complementar a visita à Citânia, sendo o texto dirigido a um público geral.

The Martins Sarmento Society is a cultural association in the city of Guimarães, Portugal, which owns several museums and heritage spaces. Citânia de Briteiros and Castro de Sabroso (Briteiros and Sabroso Hillforts) are two monumental ruins with traces of pre-Roman settlements.

OOF Design was invited to design the new guide book for these two hillforts, in a publication in Portuguese and English. This book is a re-edition of the book originally published in 1930, with new texts, maps, and photographs. In our editorial design project, we chose to maintain the same hierarchical level in the Portuguese and English texts, creating an advance in the grid to distinguish languages.

The book has many distinctive features, such as rounded corners, premium textured papers, an ota-bind spine, and a bas-relief on the cover. Combined with the simplicity of the layout, these details transform a practical object into a special and commemorative edition, 90 years after the first edition. This design won a Silver Award from the Graphis Design Annual 2022 award.