“Closet” Fanzine

Design by OOF + Ondamarela   2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ondamarela launched a set of online challenges to map the new routines of people confined to their homes. Design by OOF was commissioned to poetically read the 523 responses submitted between 2020 and 2021 from 14 different countries.


We proposed to create different graphical solutions – such as infographics, keywords, or drawings – to present all the answers. For example, for the results to the question “Where do you spend most of your time?”, we designed a house in which each room is proportional to the percentage of answers, and together they form the word COVID19.


The result is a 46-page fanzine, in which the cover-poster acts as an index and contains all the questions from the survey. The object, which is also a game, crystallizes for future memory how the pandemic affected people’s lives, but above all how we managed to overcome it.