Creatour Website

Design by OOF + University of Coimbra   2017

Creatour-calendário is a multidisciplinary research project, based on a theoretical and practical approach of collaborative processes, which aims to develop sustainable creative tourism destinations in small towns and rural areas. It is a national project that is spread across four regions of Portugal - North, Center, Alentejo and Algarve.

The identity project started by exploring the ideas of network, creativity, tourism and culture, present in the DNA of the project, associated with the concepts of map, territory, meetings and mixture. These concepts led us to the definition of a coherent and flexible identity program: the association of a Portuguese design typography, with symbols of cartographic origin, and a lively and contrasting chromatic codification.

The combination of the various elements defined by the design program allowed us to create a diversified system, but at the same time coherent and identifying each research project and sub-projects. All supports follow the rules defined by the program, and several patterns and colors have been made available that make it possible, with a couple of clicks, to choose different combinations to publicize workshops, events, open calls, congresses, etc.