DRCN Game Tour

Design by OOF + DRCN (via Ondamarela)   2018


The Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte, a government agency responsible for several national monuments in northern Portugal, promoted a cycle of events in eight monuments with music, gastronomy, and guided tours. One of the tours was oriented toward children and was developed by Ondamarela with Design by OOF.

Each of these tours was guided by a story or legend inspired by the monument, and as this story is revealed to the visitors, the tour of the monument progresses. All visits were supported by a guide and various objects that helped unravel the mystery hidden in each story. A map with a route and challenges aggregates all this information.

For this project, we chose to develop a portable and visually appealing support, using a combination of two colors and their overlays for each space. This chromatic code, combined with matte paper and illustrations developed through the artistic elements present in each monument, creates a unique collection for this cycle of events.