Em Guimarães Plataform

Design by OOF + Guimarães City Council   2021

Guimarães is a small Portuguese city recognized for its strong cultural activity. The investment of citizens and public entities in cultural programming over the past decades has earned the city the title of European Capital of Culture in 2012. In 2019, the Municipality of Guimarães challenged OOF Design to participate in the concept and web design of the new website for the city's cultural agenda, a project that lasted over two years.

Our approach was to think of the digital agenda as a magazine, offering content developed specifically for the new platform. We structured the entire editorial organization of the project, with agenda sections, multimedia content for streaming, and a directory of artists, entities, and local spaces. Later we developed the website layout, based on neutral graphic solutions and with a color code that changes every month.

Organized in four large interconnected areas, the platform is aimed at several audiences. A Guimarães inhabitant will be able to attend a concert by the city's orchestra live, while a tourist will be able to buy tickets for a show. A local artist will be able to create his page and promote his portfolio abroad, while an international programmer may find in Guimarães a space to receive his show.