Ficla Festival Website

Design by OOF + Cineclube de Tavira   2022

Created in 2019, the Olhão Film and Literature Festival (FICLO) expanded its municipal boundaries and, in 2022, spread to the entire Algarve region. The new name, now with the “a” of Algarve, is accompanied by a chameleon and a new visual identity developed by Barbara Says studio. Design by OOF was asked to develop the website design with the premise that it would have to adapt to the future visual identity of the festival, which changes every year. 

Our approach was to think of this platform as a tool for easy consultation of the entire festival program, which includes more than 60 events. On the other hand, we also responded to the need to communicate programmatic options, cycles, and retrospectives and to communicate jury members, news, and award-winning projects. Intuitive navigation guided the development of the design and back office, customized to meet the needs of the festival.

The site presents a clean image that puts the films and their frames in the foreground. On each event's page, visitors have access to all the information about the film, with synopses and credits, as well as can buy tickets for the session. In visual terms, the site is prepared to assume a new identity each new year, transforming itself like a chameleon.