Galeria 5

Design by OOF + 5 Janelas Interior Design   2014

Galeria 5-logotipo
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Galeria 5-aplicações
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Galeria 5 is a gallery that welcomes contemporary art and design. Founded in 2014 in Guimarães, since its opening it has been the only art gallery with regular activity in the city. Among its catalog are individual exhibitions by Portuguese artists such as Engrácia Cardoso, Jorge Ramos, Martino Dias or Délia de Carvalho. The identity intends to respond to the gallery's need for affirmation, as a new space in the region, as well as allowing the dissemination of its programming activities.

The graphic design has as a starting point several vectors, among them the contemporary graphic language used in the development of the logo, the multiplicity of developments that this brand design allows, as well as the poetic presence of these communication elements in all the supports that the gallery will need. From communication and marketing to the gallery's consumables.

By reserving a generous space for the dissemination of the Galeria 5 brand, in the proportion of two parts for the content and one part for the presence of the brand, the layout of the communication supports allows the reinforcement of the Galeria 5 brand, without prejudice to the transmission of information. The flexible identity system allows for versatile communication that is complemented from stationary material and communication of exhibitions to the packaging of works, always reinforcing the dissemination of the Gallery 5 space itself.