Lab2pt website

Design by OOF + University of Minho   2022

Lab2PT is an R&D unit of the University of Minho focused on Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. Besides having several researchers, collaborators, fellows and students, the lab has an extensive scientific production such as books, conferences, exhibitions, among others, that needs to be archived and disseminated.

Design by OOF was invited to design the layout of this website respecting a structure and content previously defined by the client, as well as an established visual identity. Our approach was focused on producing well-defined graphic hierarchies: page templates, typographic scales and chromatic codes across the entire site.

The neutral graphic design, allied to a clean web development, allow a very fluid navigation experience, privileging the quick access to text and multimedia contents. The management of text and image content is done entirely by the client, through a simple and intuitive backoffice, designed exclusively for this project.