Ponds in the Ave river

Design by OOF + Laboratório da Paisagem   2020

This book communicates the environmental value of the ponds in the Ave river, inviting its discovery and contact.

The Guimarães Landscape Laboratory is an organization that promotes sustainable development and the protection of natural resources. OOF Design was challenged to develop the book “Lagoas e Charcas do Rio Ave”, which summarizes the research project carried out on the Ave river by this laboratory.

Visually we looked for a layout that would highlight the photographs of the fauna and flora of the place, with highlights in green fluorescent color, in a reference to the vegetation present along the river. The text and images are paginated in a rigid grid, but the contents are arranged in an organic and musical way. In the more technical texts, the layout changes to a different orientation, and the paper has a black background.

The book was printed in a fluorescent Pantone color, on textured paper but with a plasticized cover, to maintain durability. In addition to the scientific texts, it turns out to be a visit guide to River Ave, with an impressive gallery of images of various birds, animals, and plants existing in this natural site. This design won a Silver Award from the Graphis Design Annual 2022 award.