Design by OOF + Michizaki Izakaya   2016


Michizaki is the first izakaya restaurant in Braga and it serves traditional Japanese snacks. Created by Guilherme Michishita and Marcos Kurosaki, in 2016, the region’s most traditional Japanese restaurant has a name, space and identity tought together between the founding partners, the architecture team and the design team.

The identity project seeks, in the first place, to have the strength to capture the attention of a wide audience that, for the most part, is unaware of the izakaya concept. Secondly, it intends to make it easy to memorize its name and connect it to Japan. Finally, the original characteristics of the materials, their textures and colors are reinforced, in order to keep up with the architectural project and, of course, the kitchen concept.

Our solution was to divide the name into syllables, to make it easier to read and memorize the word, which is a mix of Michishita and Kurosaki. On the other hand, vertical and block writing seeks to approach, in some way, Japanese writing. In 2019 we developed the new menu, with a laser-engraved pattern that allows to make a pressed wood board flexible.



私たちの解決策は、名前を音節に分割することで、ポルトガル人が道下と黒崎の交差点から生じるこの単語を読みやすく、暗記しやすくすることでした。一方、縦書きとブロック書きは、なんとなく日本語の書きに似ています。 2019年に、私たちはプレスされた木板を柔軟にすることを可能にするレーザー彫刻パターンを備えた新しいメニューを開発しました。