Outra Voz Postcards

Design by OOF + Outra voz   2022

Outra Voz is a project created in 2010 that was part of the artistic program of Guimarães 2012. In 2022, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the European Capital of Culture, Outra Voz developed a concert bringing together a community orchestra around original compositions by José Mário Branco.

To highlight this moment of celebration, Design by OOF proposed the creation of a unique object. We invited four illustrators to develop a limited edition of eight postcards, forming two sets of “Cadavre Exquis”. Each illustration represents a body part and uses only three colors, resulting in a vibrant and striking composition with a strikingly human expression.

These colorful and unique postcards serve as a visually impactful memory of the event. With illustrations by Marta Madureira, André da Loba, Sofia Santos, and João Fonseca, the project conveys a sense of collaboration and diversity, reflecting the essence of Outra Voz as a community project.