Design by OOF + Laboratório da Paisagem   2022

Since 2021, Design by OOF has been responsible for the identity, creative direction, and communication strategy of the project RRRCICLO [RRRECICLE] Circular Economy in Guimarães, in partnership with Laboratório da Paisagem and Guimarães City Council. The briefing said that we would produce communication pieces explaining the collection of organic waste, but we realized early on that the project could be a little more.

Our approach was to produce a visual identity and content that could not only communicate information about organic waste but also about recyclable waste and other campaigns related to the circular economy in the municipality. In this sense, RRRCICLO seeks to function as an umbrella brand that houses all communication regarding the separation, collection, and recovery of waste.

The website, fully developed by Design by OOF, works as an aggregator element of all information on the circular economy for the municipality of Guimarães. The layout is simple and intuitive, using a system of button-blocks that allow quick navigability and consistent adaptation to different screen types. The complete identity project of RRRCICLO can be seen here.