Terras de Vimaranes Association

Design by OOF + Confraria Terras de Vimaranes   2022


The “Confraria Terras de Vimaranes” (gastronomic association) was created in 2023 with the aim of defending and disseminating the preservation, authenticity, and quality of the preparation of traditional delicacies of the region of Guimarães and its native products. The association seeks to enhance the local culture and protect its historical and gastronomic heritage, promoting the identity of the region, its products, and its producers.

To represent these principles, Design by OOF developed a logo inspired by the gothic arches of the Padrão do Salado, a historical monument located in the heart of the city of Guimarães. The symbol is composed of the four contours of the arches, which point to a central direction forming a symmetrical and harmonious image. This shape intends to represent, in an intangible way, gastronomy, confectionery, viticulture, and historical heritage. Symbolically, they also represent the four classical elements of nature – earth, air, water, and fire.

The unique geometric shape is easily recognizable as belonging to Guimarães and its simple and refined design allows for its perfect reproduction in different supports, formats, and materials. The dark green color is a reference to the color of the city’s flag, and the sans-serif typography gives it a clean and contemporary image. The logo is a symbolic representation of the unique identity of the region and the quality of its native products.