Theatro Circo Signage

Design by OOF + Theatro Circo   2019

Theatro Circo de Braga is a concert hall opened in 1915, fully restored and reopened to the public in 2006. The reconstruction has kept its original design, but a new wing has been added for management offices, technical department, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and other programming support spaces.

We were invited to develop a signage project for this new wing of the theater, which extends over 14 floors and dozens of divisions. The building resembles a tower, where all floors are visually identical and can only be accessed by the elevator (in the center) or by stairwell (at one end of the building).

The program follows a zoom logic, based on the ISO 216 standard (A series), and the typography is adjusted according to the legibility that the space’s amplitude allows. The materials are meant to be inexpensive, durable and versatile: most of the signage is cut-out vinyl (black or white) and the general signs are printed on black laminated PVC for blackboard, allowing writing with liquid chalk.