Veduta 13

Design by OOF + Centro Cultural Vila Flor   2019

Since 2018 OOF Design has been collaborating with A Oficina on the editorial design of the journal Veduta, an annual scientific publication dedicated to the reflection and dissemination of research, projects and ideas on Cultural Heritage. Each Veduta is a unique edition, with its own theme and a new visual identity each year.

Veduta 13 is dedicated to reflection on traditional craft concepts, and is divided into two parts: “Destecer imagens pré(per)feitas” and “Destecer na prática”. In our proposal we decided to highlight the division of these two themes through the design of two covers – on the front and back of the respective issue –, and the printing in two colors –red and blue.

As in the previous edition, we tried to ensure that the publication had some manual production detail, despite being an industrial production in offset printing. Thus, each of the spines was hand-stitched with red and blue threads, referring to the colors used in the traditional embroidery of Guimarães.