Veduta Catorze

Design by OOF + Centro Cultural Vila Flor   2020

For the third consecutive year we were invited to develop the layout for the scientific journal Veduta, an annual publication on cultural heritage, published by A Oficina. In this edition, marked by the confinements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we were challenged to develop the edition in a digital format.

Our proposal was to work on the edition in a purely digital way, and not just the development of an e-book. Veduta Catorze is, therefore, the transposition of the printed publication to the web format, keeping the same identity characteristics of the previous editions, but with solutions that enhance interactivity.

If, in the printed editions, it was possible to explore textures, touch, colors and even printing techniques and handmade finishes, in this digital publication we tried to create some unconventional solutions for the web and impossible in a printed edition, such as the reproduction of sounds or small animations.