Raul Brandão – Letters to Maria Angelina

Design by OOF + Sociedade Martins Sarmento   2019

The Martins Sarmento Society holds a collection of various manuscripts, forms, epistolaries and graphic documents of the life and work of Raul Brandão, a Portuguese writer who lived a large part of his life in Guimarães. This collection includes the letters that Raul Brandão wrote to his wife, Maria Angelina, during the courtship phase of their relationship.

Raul Brandão meets Maria Angelina de Araújo Abreu in 1896, after being placed in the 20th Infantry Regiment, in Guimarães. They marry on March 11, 1897, a day before Raul Brandão's birthday. “Raul Brandão - Cartas a Maria Angelina” is an edition containing all the love letters recovered at Casa do Alto, the couple's residence in this city.

In the design project, we explored a delicate and poetic approach around pagination and the editorial object. We tried to reproduce all the images of the letters, envelopes and photographs in their original size as well as part of the back of the images and envelopes. Finally, we considered important to integrate the couple’s photographs at a more advanced age, in order to reinforce the wishes for the future inscribed throughout the letters.