Website Braga Cultura 2030

Client Braga City Council

Year 2018

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Braga Cultura 2030-desktop

Braga’s municipality, as a city, applied for the European Capital of Culture 2027. Therefore, it is preparing a program designed for 10 years’ time (2020 to 2030). Braga Cultura 2030 website shows its results, with the territory’s people and institutions testimonies, thus building a community identity map.

We organized the website’s contents in five sections: 1. Introduction and sharing of the different moments of the application project; 2. Historical facts of the territory, illustrated with photographs of the city's various ethnographic symbols; 3. Videos and reports to the city’s people, places and institutions; 4. Form for collecting opinions from the city’s inhabitants and results’ presentation of the program preparation work; 5. News related to the project.

The website presents a contemporary image of the city and highlights several characteristics of popular culture and territory. Here, users can follow the status of the Braga Cultura 2030 project, being also an important repository, for future memory, of this application process.